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... okay never mind you can let go now.


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Victor, yo
I'm just a come back kid; a rut with not long to live.

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hey... heard that ur dead
XoxBellxoX Jan 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I'm Caitlin. Remember me? Your 'best friend'?
I'm dead right now, when you're done being snooty, you can leave a message.
Hello I'm Becca. c:
Welcome to Oz, Becca. What brings you here?
A couple of friends told me about this. c:
Yes, but what braught you to me ?
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MyselfInside Dec 10, 2012
Well... I'm here to say my goodbyes.
I don't know if you'd consider me as a friend or not, but I hope I would have got to know you better.
My reason for leaving is that I can't stand being tricked, fooled, made fun of and ignored. I'm not mad or anything but I realized I don't want to be around that anymore.

It's been nice meeting you. Really, it has been.
But I don't have any second thoughts on leaving, I have a feeling you could somehow relate to that.
Anyways, bye now.
I hope my goodbye was worth reading and somewhat "meaningful" enough.
You're an amazing person, and I consider you a close friend for the fact that you care about the core of my being. I do understand you, painfully so, and with that I hope you free up hours of your day to enjoy the "real" world... Even though right here in the real world. I'm real. I hope you trust me on that.

You're goodbye is plenty meaningful, because you wrote it with me in mind. Now's not the time to say this, but you really are amazing. If I knew you, as in I could reach out my hand and feel you, I'd like to think we'd be more than this. Is that stupid to say? Yes it is. I'll stop now.

I'm going to miss you. A lot. Have fun in the real world? Yes, have fun in the real world.


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